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Utrecht University Developmental Assessment Battery (UU-DAB)

Data storage

  • Where is my data stored? Data collected with UU-DAB is stored on secured UU servers, located in The Netherlands.
  • Who has access to my data? The administrator of UU-DAB only has access to the content of data only for storage and retrieval.
  • Who is responsible for anonymous data storage? The application allows researchers to manage data collection with participants within groups, within organisations. The researcher has a responsibility to ensure anonymous processing of data, in such a way that it is not possible to trace back data to individuals that can be identified. This can be achieved by choosing codes for organizations, groups and/or participants.
  • How long is my data stored in the UU-DAB application? Data will never be removed by the administrator of UU-DAB. The user is responsible for making back-ups and removal of the data from UU-DAB within a reasonable period after completion of the research project. When no activity has been detected on a project for more than three months, the user will receive an automated e-mail message as a reminder to make personal back-ups of the data and to remove data after a reasonable period of time.